Improv class 3 – 18 May 2010

The third class was all about listening, awareness and being in the moment. We started off with a relaxing exercise to get everyone present and aware of their bodies. We then did a listening exercise where everyone got the opportunity to say “what I need to say to be fully present is…” and then you can say what every you would like to say to be fully present. Anyone else in the group then responds by mirroring the person’s exact words. The power of this exercise is that each person in the group gets the opportunity to be listened to fully. It is not so much saying what you need to say that makes you fully present but being listened to. When we listen to people fully without judgment, we acknowledge their existence and their right to be in the world. (This exercise I learned from Imago relationship therapy)

After the listening exercise we played a series of group awareness exercises. First we passed a move and a sound around in the circle. Then we copied each other’s way of walking. After that one person had to go in the middle and make a move and a sound, give the focus to another player, who had to copy the move and sound and then go to the middle and morph into a new move and sound. We played two other variations of this game. In the first everyone copied the person in the middle and at any point anyone could take the lead and change the move and sound into something else. In the second variation we didn’t stay in a circle and anyone could take the lead. These exercises feel weird when you do it the first time, but if you can let go and really pay attention to what others are doing and once again make them look good (in this case accept whatever they are doing and do it with them) it is a wonderful experience of connecting with others and being in the moment.

After the awareness exercises we played Monster talk (Speaking in unison) which is also a great exercise in active listening and give and take. We ended the class with 2 focus games. In the first we passed around imaginary balls and in the second we created 3 different patterns that we had to continue without dropping any pattern. It was great when we played this game walking around.

Key concepts:

Give and take – It’s all about giving up and taking control, and sharing and taking the focus. To do this well, you have to be aware and present so that you know whether the situation requires of you to take or give up `control/focus.

Listening and awareness: In Improv often referred to as being in the moment. It requires you to be present, pay attention to what is happening around you and to focus. To do this you need to let go, get out of your head and into your body.

Our one word proverb: “Mense het soms baie problem met perskes.” So ture!

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  1. Thanks B! weereens soveel fun gewees. Was lekker dat almal vir almal geluister het…sonder om jou in die rede te val. Goeie lesse om saam te vat huistoe!

  2. Life is about people and relationships. Staying in the moment helps us to remember that.

    En om dit te oefen moet ons soms afskaal tot: Pienk! Granaat! Ferrari!

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