Social Development

Annene Pretorius has joined forces with Playing Mantis, and will manage their social development interventions such as New Endings at Hawequa Youth Correctional Centre in Wellington.

Annene is a qualified Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) practitioner, with extensive experience in social development through applied theatre.

TO is a form of popular community based education that uses theatre as a tool for transformation.  Originally developed out of Augusto Boal’s work with peasant and worker populations, it is now used all over the world for social and political activism, conflict resolution, community building, therapy and goverment legislation.  TO is of, about, and for the oppressed.

“Our freedom is to invent ways to help humanise humanity, freely invading all fields of human activities:  social, pedagogical, political, artistic.  Theatre is a universal language that can be used to speak about all human concerns, not to be limited to theatre itself.” (Augusto Boal)

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