About the Playing Mantis


The way the San people of South Africa portray the praying mantis became our inspiration for many reasons.

Although he is a small and seemingly insignificant creature, far less powerful and imposing than an eland or an elephant, he has his own special magic.


Mantis can bring dead people back to life, and he does so over and over again in the many stories told about him. Similarly we aim to give new life to stale and lifeless structures. We help those who have inherited these dry bones to flesh them out and breathe life into them making them dance again.


Often in his stories when disaster is about to descend, and it seems as if life itself must fail, Mantis has a dream which tells him what to do. Disaster is averted and life goes on. We too like to draw on the creativity of the right brain and our creative instincts to come up with solutions for our client’s challenges. Even more importantly, we hope to inspire similar processes in your own mind so that you can generate your own innovative solutions


To save himself in moments of great danger Mantis often gets wings and flies away – usually to the water, an ancient symbol of life. Here he can renew himself and make a brave new beginning. Likewise we hope to grow our own wings and help you do the same so we can all find places of solace and piece wihin ourselves. Here we can let our hair down, have fun and get frresh inspiration for new beginnings.


But Mantis is full of mischief, often gets into trouble while playing tricks, but without malice. We too like to keep our work playful and experimental not always knowing what will happen.

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