Improvisation Skills Training

Customer Interaction

Establish and manage authentic relationships with your customers to reach your company’s targets.

To remain on the cutting edge and in step with today’s quickly changing and globalised markets, it is often not facts, but our skills to build and manage a personal and authentic relationship with our customers that puts us a step ahead.   Read more

Improvisation Skills for Coaches

Using spontaneity and awareness to grow creative presence and flow in coaching conversations

Similarly to improvisational actors who collaborate spontaneously to create entertaining performances, a coach and a client co-create new possibilities. The competencies that are required of a coach are the same as the skills of an improviser: being present, listening, awareness, non-judgement, acceptance, noticing themes and openness to possibilities. Therefore, the exercises that improvisers use to practise these skills can be used to develop coaching skills.  Read more  


Improvisation Course

Discover the wisdom and freedom of improvisation

Have you ever felt stuck in your own head? Can’t get in touch with your spontaneity? Unable to access your creativity? Do you long to connect better with yourself or others? If yes, a class in improvisation is just for you. Learning the art of improvisation is like learning a new language. It opens up a whole new world of understanding and possibilities.  Read more

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