Laughter, participation and a change in perspective guaranteed.

Choose any of the following key note topics and make sure your audience is more attentive, takes more ownership of their learning and is more confident to participate. Our keynotes are ideal for opening a strategy meeting, conference or team-building event.

1. The Success Story Loop – 7 steps for living your own success story again and again

How many times have you heard you must turn your challenges into opportunities and obstacles into possibilities? Yet, most of us need time to adjust and reset when life ‘throws you for a loop’. The Success Story Loop will show you 7 steps for moving through change so you can make sure you end up with the happy ever after. It reveals to you the overarching dramatic pattern of transformation present in every myth, fairytale, Bible story, Shakespeare play, feature film or novel with a happy ending so you can live your own success Story.

Target audience: Anyone who is either ripe for a new adventure and want to make a success of it, or frustrated with their current attempts to make a success and ready for a new perspective.

Speaker: Dr. Petro Janse van Vuuren


2. Charisma in a CAN: techniques for creating authentic connection and presence

In an age where people are bombarded with information and overloaded with choices, it is still personal connection that impresses most. Yet so many of us doubt the power of our own charm or stage presence. This participative talk is geared at leaving you with practical tips and techniques for enlarging your personal presence and forging an authentic connection with your listeners inviting them to see the world through your eyes.

Target audience: Everyone who needs to present, speak or pitch an idea regularly either to large audiences, small groups or one on one.

Speaker: Dr. Petro Janse van Vuuren


3. The Art of Creative Leadership

Creativity and teamwork is regarded by most businesses as crucial attributes for any organisation that wants to thrive in present times. Leading in a way that ignite other’s creativity is however an art. A lot of the traditional leadership styles aren’t sufficient. A creative leader needs to be adaptive, present and ready to take or let go of control when needed. This interactive talk will engage your whole brain and give you 6 skills to develop the creativeness of your team.

Target Audience: Everyone who is in a leadership role and wants the people they’re leading think for themselves.

Speaker: Burgert Kirsten


4. Team Innovation through Improvisation

Research in various fields has shown the importance of collaboration and team work to generate innovative solutions. Developing innovative teams is therefore paramount for any successful organisation. This fun interactive talk shares 6 practical principles derived from Improvisational Theater that has been proven to develop a team’s ability to innovate.

Target Audience: Anyone who needs to work in a team that is required to innovate.

Speaker: Burgert Kirsten


Other topics that may wet your appetite:

  • The Improvising Coach – ideal for coaches, facilitators, trainers etc.
  • The Hero’s Journey – a strategy for transformation – for everyone interested in engineering lasting change
  • An ABC for radiating authentic confidence – for anyone who wants to speak and act with greater confidence.
  • Using your voice to invite not invade – How to captivate an audience. For speakers, trainers, teachers, preachers and anyone else who speaks to large groups of people.
  • Find your Voice amidst the Noise – a fun workshop for anyone to rediscover themselves and explore new possibilities of being through their own voices.
  • Stages and tools for crisis management – leading when no-one else can. For risk management teams and conferences on crisis management.

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