Introduction to Strategic Narrative Embodiment Techniques

Can these coaching & facilitation tools work for you?

Tools that allow you to:

  1. Structure the experience while allowing fluid interaction
  2. Focus on the needs of the client and yet open up possibilities for new ideas

They are

Strategic allowing you to meet and exceed client needs and expectations.

Narrative in the way they close the gap between people’s fantasies and their realities

Embodied so that new ideas can filter down into renewed systems and behaviours.

Experience how these tools can increase your presence, access your genius and the genius of your clients and impact your business.

Re-frame how you coach and facilitate forever.

Here is what others  have said about the tools in trying them out:

“The Playing Mantis Essentials course has enabled me to do the most meaningful work of my life.” – Ester Kruger – Senior Consultant Neuroscience and Change at Bioss Southern Africa

”The tools and insights I gained from the Playing Mantis Essentials course have really enriched the workshops I run. They connect fun, creative activities with opportunity for meaningful reflection and learning.Tracy Brownlee – Brand Strategist and Facilitator

This 2h interactive session will give you:

  1. An introduction to the Playing Mantis Strategic Narrative Embodiment model.
  2. A personal application of the model.
  3. A  couple of SNETS you can use immediately with your clients.

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3 Day Playing Mantis Essentials Course

Where does SNETs come from?


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If you have any questions contact Burgert at   or 0822559625.

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