Vision & Values Alignment

Create a vision all can own with values all can align with

If the vision and values of a company are not clear, or only clear to a handful of people at the top, there is confusion in the ranks. There is a lack of rapport between leaders and their teams, conflict around regarding priorities and the spending of time and money. There are disagreements about how to measure success and what behaviours are desirable. Misunderstandings, misappropriation of resources and missed targets abound.

Playing Mantis can help your team create or align to a shared vision so that you can focus action, resources and attention on growing your business rather than having to dilute them to overcome internal obstacles and conflicts.

What if all the members of your team knew:

  • What your organisation wanted to do, have and become
  • How they can contribute personally to achieving the vision
  • How their own values matched those of the organisation
  • Which of their own actions could support the achievement of success
  • Which policies and practices do not fit and should be discarded
  • Which historical behaviours or beliefs should be let go of in favour of growth and success

In a team where visions and values are clear and personally owned:

  • There is seamless interaction between leaders and their teams
  •  Goals can be clarified, measured and met
  •  Analyses and reports are to the point and structured to achieve strategic goals
  •  Communication is clearer and more direct
  •  Different departments can work together with ease
  •  Strategic risks are taken and resources allocated accordingly
  •  Team members see the purpose of their actions
  •  Staff feel included and valued taking more ownership of their behaviour

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Playing Mantis offers two vision and values alignment modules. The first focuses on creating or clarifying the vision and values in a way that everyone understands and owns. The second module builds on the first to identify the behaviours that express the vision and values while letting go of those that do not.

Our experiential methods are fun and playful, but create deep connection between people and their purpose.

Module 1: What are the company’s vision and values and why should I care?

This fun, creative and participative process help team members:

  • Realize the importance and necessity of a shared vision and values
  • Identify their own values in conversation with those of the company
  • Find the words that help formulate the fision and values
  • Clarify their personal contribution to realising the company vision
  • Build relationship with team members around shared values and vision

Module 2: What behaviours can achieve success for the organisation and for me?

Building on the previous module, help your team

  • Discover the behaviours that already bring success
  • Identify actions that can accelerate the achievement of the company’s vision
  • Recognize which practises, processes and policies do not support the vision and values
  • Let go of the behaviours and beliefs that hamper success
  • Formulate a personal commitment statement that can drive action

Optional extra:

The program can include the making of an artwork that represents the team’s vision and values. The members will co-create this artwork in collaboration with an artist and according to parameters set by the client. Cost depends on the form of the artwork.


This process:

  • Allows the team to Make whole brain connections with the vision and values allowing it to seep deep into their awareness
  •  Build team relationships on a creative and collaborative level
  •  Provides tangible proof that the team can produce something worthwhile together
  • Leaves a permanent reminder of the team’s vision and values in a pleasing medium

[ribbon toplink=”true”]What previous clients say:[/ribbon]

It really engaged the staff, we got really positive feedback. People loved especially the painting, being artistic, being outside the box. There was no pressure placed on the staff to do something that made them feel uncomfortable.  We got a lot out of the session, not just the fact that we are on path with the vision and values but also the fact that we bonded as a team. – Marliese Marten, MD, JF Hillebrand South Africa

[ribbon toplink=”true”]Details[/ribbon]
Group size: We have experience in working with groups from 5 up to 200
Time: 3 – 4 hours per module
Investment: Between R 6000 and R 9000 per module depending on group size and level of customization required.
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