Improv class 1 – 4 May 2010

Last night was the first class in a series of 8 Improv theatre classes. The objective of the class was to get everyone in a playful mood and to let everyone connect and get to know each other. I also introduced some key improv principles. We started the class with an introduction game. Then we played some name games (Name circle and Super Heroes). We played Circus bow (I failed) to get more comfortable with making mistakes. To get more playful we played Bodyguard and Yes lets . We played Mirror Mirror to illustrate the importance of give and take. I ended the class by illustrating the concepts of Accepting and Blocking by playing Yes and vs. Yes but.

Key concepts that came out of the class:

Play: To play you have to be present, focus on your fellow players and interact with your whole body not just your thoughts and words. Playing is about the process not the outcome.

Make your partner look good.

It is okay to make a mistake. It’s often our fear of failure that causes us to fail.

Everything is an offer even a mistake.

Blocking – Not accepting another player’s offer.

Accepting – Embracing each offer made by other players to advance the scene (Yes and).
When we yes and it builds ideas, energy and relationships.

What struck me about the class was how everyone really engaged and took part even though it was a first class. I would like to thank you all for that.

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3 Replies to “Improv class 1 – 4 May 2010”

  1. Ek het dit baie geniet!

    Snaaks hoe mens konsepte kan “internalize” terwyl jy speel.

    Burgert bied dit ook baie nice aan, en kry dit reg om leiding te neem sonder om oor te neem…en kry dit regtig reg om ‘n spasie te skep waar mens veilig voel om jouself uit te druk.

    Ek sien uit na die res van die kursus!

  2. Ek is geseend dat hierdie my 2de Improv klas is, maar ek ervaar reeds ‘n rits nuwe emosies en leer so baie omdat daar nuwe mense met nuwe maniere en agtergronde is.
    Stem saam met Franz…sien uit na die res.

  3. hierdie was eintlik soos ‘n wake-up-call…want ek het besef hoe min ek einltik “speel”. Werk is gewoonlik so ernstig en pretloos. So die 1’e klas was baie fun. Dit was ook vrek interessant om gedurende die week te sien hoe die goed wat ons geleer het, werklik gebeur tussen vriende en kollegas. B, jou kursus se eerste klas was AWESOME & ek sien baie uit na die volgende weke wat gaan volg!

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