About us

Who are we?

Playing Mantis is a creative training and development consultancy that straddles the worlds of organisational psychology and theatre arts. All our workshops and interventions are customised to address our clients’ specific needs. We are trained in cutting edge methodologies that- create a space for participants to find innovative solutions for their challenges and learn from each other. We take great care with the design of our workshops to fully engage all participants and ensure a real shift.

Our Vision

Playing Mantis wants to change the world for good by shifting the landscape of facilitation and coaching across the world through Strategic Narrative Embodiment TM.   We want to equip thought leaders, game changers, facilitators and coaches by  transforming and maximising learning, empowering people to be more adaptive, innovative and engaged in organisations and communities.

Our Values

Play: We do not take paradigms too seriously, knowing that everything is invented, we believe we can always invent more and better ways to play in the world: be more adaptable, innovative and engaged.

Connect: We seek to remain connected with ourselves, the people around us and the larger consciousness so that we can  be authentic, collaborate with others and find meaning.

Shift: We want to reframe how we and others see the world and our lives by changing our perceptions and point of view. We strive to get ourselves and others  unstuck into a flow where we are free to fulfil our potential.

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