SNE Essentials in Coaching and Facilitation

Accredited course in SNE (Strategic Narrative Embodiment) Essentials

This course is now presented in partnership with the University of the Witwatersrand on NQF level 8.

Can these tools work for you?

Tools that allow you to:

  1. Structure the experience while allowing fluid,  playful  interaction
  2. Focus on the needs of the client and yet open up possibilities for new ideas

They are

Strategic allowing you to meet and exceed client needs and expectations.

Narrative in the way they close the gap between people’s fantasies and their realities

Embodied so that new ideas can filter down into renewed systems and behaviours.

Experience how these tools can increase your presence, access your genius and the genius of your clients and impact your business.

Re-frame how you coach and facilitate forever.

Here is what others have said about the tools in trying them out:

“The Playing Mantis Essentials course has enabled me to do the most meaningful work of my life.” – Ester Kruger – Senior Consultant Neuroscience and Change at Bioss Southern Africa

”The tools and insights I gained from the Playing Mantis Essentials course have really enriched the workshops I run. They connect fun, creative activities with opportunity for meaningful reflection and learning.” Tracy Brownlee – Brand Strategist and Facilitator



The SNE Essentials Course will give you:

1. An overview of the Playing Mantis Strategic Narrative Embodiment model and the techniques that relate to it.

2. A toolkit filled with activities and exercises that you can use in your coaching and facilitation practice.

3.A deep personal experience to reconnect you to the purpose and significance of your own coaching and facilitation work.

4. Opportunities to try out and experiment with the tools in real time with peers to get used them and get feedback on your own facilitation technique.

Materials and other benefits:

  • Playing Mantis Essentials Toolkit including:
    • 15 improvisation exercises that prepare people for deeper work
    • 15 Strategic Narrative exercises that take them further into story
    • 3 sets of card tools that embody the processes
    • A handbook that contains explanations and theory on all the techniques
  • A kit for designing experiences according to the Strategic Narrative Embodiment model.
  • Access to the Playing Mantis online community.
  • A special price for attending Playing Mantis Coach and Facilitator practice sessions.

Course Overview

The course consists of two modules of two days each,  plus an assessment. Both modules and the assessment must be completed before certification is possible. Certification is on NQF level 8 to the value of 5 SAQA credits.

This leading edge course blends the latest neuroscience theory and experiential learning techniques for better results than you thought possible. With over 18 years of experience and research in organisational psychology, theatre arts, applied improvisation and coaching Playing Mantis has developed a powerful model, the Strategic Narrative Embodiment model, to create meaningful SHIFT in an increasingly volatile, ambiguous and complex world.

MODULE ONE: Introduction and Applied Improvisation

This module runs over two days.

1. An understanding of the relationship between the facilitator’s structure and the participation of the attendees using the Playing Mantis SHIFT model.

2. The ability to argue for the Ethical principles that support applied theatre facilitation in general and SNE in particular..

3. An experience of Applied Improvisation and the 10 essentials of embodied improvisation that it teaches including: How to listen, how to step in with confidence and how to collaborate in a flow of give and take.

4. An understanding of the importance of embodiment in learning.

5. The opportunity to facilitate exercises with peers and get  or give feedback.

MODULE TWO: Story-Strategy (your own and your client’s)

This module runs over two days.

1. A basic understanding of the 10 essentials of Narrative Strategy and its uses including how to begin a process so that everyone get on board, how to structure the middle so that people develop understanding and skill and how to close in a way that empowers participants to take the learning forward.

2. Applying SNE to your individual story for the purpose of personal growth and leadership development..

3. An opportunity to integrate the SNE methodology into other models that you are already familiar with.

4. Applying SNE to a client’s story in order to strategise a workshop or  intervention.

5. Planning for practical assessment and written examination.


Your assessment has a process component as well as an exam component. T

he process component consists of peer assessments during class time on Day 2 of each Module as you try out the tools and techniques you are learning.

The exam component consists of you implementing the intervention you planned on the last day of the course and submitting your planning and a written essay in which you reflect on the experience.

We’ve packed the best and most useful techniques into these 2 modules. As you learn to love the tools, you can come back for advanced training in increasingly sophisticated techniques that can change the world for good.

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