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Petro Janse Van Vuuren

Cell: 0828282259
Skype: petro.janse.van.vuuren

Burgert Kirsten

Cell: 0822559625
Skype: burgertk

2 Replies to “Contact us”

  1. Hi, there. I’m looking to buy a set of the picture cards that you guys produce. Could you please let me have the options and prices?
    Kind regards

  2. I see you are running your next program end June and first weekend in July. I would love to do the course but have a conflict on the second weekend. Are you planning any more workshops later in the year, I cannot seem to find dates on the website? I found out about your July program from a friend at Lefika. My context is that I am leaving corporate to branch out as an innovation coach and facilitator. I did some improv work on a Creative Leadership program at THNK in Amsterdam (like an innovation MBA).

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