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Petro Janse Van Vuuren

Cell: 0828282259
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Burgert Kirsten

Cell: 0822559625
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  1. Hi, there. I’m looking to buy a set of the picture cards that you guys produce. Could you please let me have the options and prices?
    Kind regards

  2. I see you are running your next program end June and first weekend in July. I would love to do the course but have a conflict on the second weekend. Are you planning any more workshops later in the year, I cannot seem to find dates on the website? I found out about your July program from a friend at Lefika. My context is that I am leaving corporate to branch out as an innovation coach and facilitator. I did some improv work on a Creative Leadership program at THNK in Amsterdam (like an innovation MBA).

  3. I replied to this comment directly, but there are probably more of you interested in the answer. The next course runs in Oct :

    Module 1: Fri 6- Sat 7 Oct
    Module 2: Fri 13-Sat14 Oct

    All the info is on this page:

    The entire second module will teach you improvisation exercises that are fantastic for innovation training in corporate settings. The first module teaches you the larger design principles of narrative strategy and will help you create the strategic narrative context within which to improvise and, of course innovate.

  4. The picture cards are ordered directly from me and they cost R600. You can pick them up from me, or I can send them to your closest Postnet for a delivery cost of R100.

    Lita who sent me this comment received her cards and we ended up doing a marketing exchange. She came to do a free graphic facilitation at one of our pig catching sessions in exchange for me giving her some free marketing exposure. See the blog post here:

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