The Success Story Spiral

This concept is inspired by the hero’s journey. You can find the basic principles of it in any story of fairy tales, films, books, advertisements and also in your own stories, personal or work related (look at this nice video, which explains the concept in a playful way).
What’s more, the hero’s journey is iterative: There is not only one adventure in our life, there are myriads of them – and we can use experiences from these, apply capabilities we gained or evolved. This process is also an essential part of every single story: We need to reflect basic ideas and steps towards our goal, and it is important to evolve them.

The Success Story Spiral consist of seven steps:

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  1. Get a Great Goal, a clear intention of what you want to do
  2. Manifest your Main Motivation, a good reason for why you are doing it
  3. Put together a Personalized Plan, for how you are going to tackle your goal.
  4. Set up a social Support System consisting of people who will accompany you in your efforts.
  5. Calculate the Customized Cost: Success means giving something up that you value in exchange for something else that you value more – it is the moment of sacrifice every hero must go through.
  6. Risk a Rapid Review: Adjust your plot and characters to based on a reflection of what happened till now.
  7. Hands off! — this is where you let go and allow the universe to conspire in your favor.