Charl-Rudolph Campher

Charl-Rudolph is currently studying Industrial Psychology and is in his final stretch for finishing his degree. He has been living in Stellenbosch for the last 16 years and had been searching for creative ways of improving people’s lives. He greatly resonated with the way in which Playing Mantis applies drama and improvisation to the everyday struggle to be in the present without worrying about the past or the future.

In 2011 he had been an Intern with Playing Mantis and In 2012 he is training to become a facilitator and building their youth development leg. His dream is to become the expert on using improvisation for youth development.

Charl brings a love for music and graffiti arts to enrich the team’s offerings. These art forms are a great passion of Charl and he believes that it also has a huge effect on human behavior and emotions. Through the arts Charl is discovering his own way of pushing the boundaries of how learning is achieved and human behavior is changed.

Charl has been involved in Youth Ministry at Stellenbosch Congregation for the last 5 years, and through his involvement and passion for the youth he recently started developing a program for learner leadership in schools. His passion led him to an exciting project in Kayamandi, training the facilitators of the Sadecens project. The project also sparked a possible thesis on how improvisation works across culture and the effect it will have on those that are willing to play.

Other Projects include:

  • JF Hillebrand workshop support: Music and graffiti. (Oct, 2011)
  • Sadecens project, Kayamandi. Improvisation skills for facilitators (Oct, 2011)
  • Workshop at the ATKV’s youth symposium 2011 for 160 student council members from over 50 schools. Theme: Discover your full potential and live your life purpose.
  • First year camp, Stellenbosch Congregation (January 2012)
  • Youth Church, Stellenbosch Congregation (2011 &2012)
  • Workshop at El Shaddai Christian School Youth Camp, 60 Gr. 7 and 8 learners, theme – Let’s Play Life. March 2012

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