From the Siemens Healthcare Diagnostic Marketing Team

I’ve really enjoyed working with Burgert. I can see he has the experience and he’s got a creative juice in him that ignited everyone’s creativeness in this session. – Juanita Ward, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostic Marketing Manager

I found it a very encouraging and motivating workshop that really helps you to get in touch with the natural creative side of who you are. It reminds you of being a child again but a liberated person as an adult. – Julian Pillay- Siemens Healthcare Diagnostic Marketing Team

From Sanlam Investment Management

Playing Mantis are committed to achieve that which is required from your specific needs. They work along side the client and if things change along the way, they are happy to move with that. They are experienced with people and understand what makes people tick and how to extract the best results from them.

We found Playing Mantis very creative and able to tackle non routine projects.

– Warren Young, Chief Risk Officer, Sanlam Investments

From SAB

Playing Mantis encourages innovative thinking without blocking ideas from other people. To be able to lead, and to be lead comfortably and work together to achieve one common goal. Improvisation in business was an eye opener and I will utilize it throughout my career as I have found a great value. – Mthokozisi Jaci, SAB, Engineering Manager

Refreshing and different view on team dynamics and behaviors that stifle innovation. You cant learn about behaviours, you have to experience it to understand it. Power of acting and play was good for the team dynamics as well and brought us together.– John Stenslunde, GM, SAB Malting

Playing Mantis workshops promote participation by all levels and creates an environment to be free and vulnerable in a positive way. – Keenan Janneker, Manufacturing Development Consultant SAB Malting

From the SPAR Group

It gives you the insight into how the ‘basic’ of human senses can be applied to make us better leaders. You learn to appreciate that at the foundation of it all. You were born with the right instincts, the power lies in how you apply them. – Melicia Bala, Training manager, Spar

The training is very relevant and interactive and the level of training accommodates all levels of education. – Edward Jacobs, Training controller, Spar

From the Gordon Institute of Business Science

It was a phenomenal day, and your session was absolutely amazing- it was exactly spot on in terms of drawing the links between what we do and improvisation. I’ve had such great feedback about what you did and how relevant it was. – Alison Reid
Senior Programme Manager: Career Development Initiatives
Gordon Institute of Business Science

From the Wits Coaching Programme

The session was practical, but still directly relevant to the neuroscience underlying coaching frameworks and models as well as coaching skills and techniques.

A leap towards a more pronounced sense of self-awareness The practical exercises highlighted coach competencies specifically around being present, listening and responding.

Suspending judgments and decisions, not assuming a “storyline” or plot of someone’s life, experiences and expectations. A dynamic, co-creative solution-based interactive approach to learning and working.

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