Why use us?

Our fun, innovative and cutting edge methodology sets us apart from other training and facilitation companies. The Playing Mantis method is based upon our research and experience over the past 18 years that uses and integrates methods from Organisational Psychology, Coaching, Applied Improvisation and Story Strategy.

Our proven, whole brain methods

  • Ownership and responsibility: Since we access the tacit knowledge in the group and encourage collaboration, participants take ownership and responsibility to apply their learning. This reduces the time and resources needed for supervision and managerial involvement
  • Learning that sticks: Because we involve the whole brain and the body, let participants try out their solutions and encourage creative connection between ideas and people, the learning is more likely to stick over time than is the case with most conventional methods.
  • Immediate applicability: The experiential approach ensures that participants get an instant understanding of how to apply their learning in the workplace. They also get opportunities in the training to try out solutions as a rehearsal for reality.

Expert training by experts

  • Scientific support: Our methods are supported by a growing body of scientific studies in Neuroscience and Organisational Psychology showing how improvisation and story involves a distinct type of learning which promotes creative problem solving and innovation.
  • Specialised qualifications:  Burgert’s MCom degree in Organisational Psychology and experience as improvisation actor-coach and Dr. Petro Janse van Vuuren’s Phd in Theatre as learning medium allow us to give you a highly specialized and well-crafted process.
  • Personal contact with the gurus: As experts in our field, we run the training workshops ourselves rather than sending a generic trainer.

Experience and clients

  • 18 years of experience: Between us we have three decades of working with Applied Improvisation and Story Strategy in a variety of contexts ranging from education and community development to business and leadership development.
  • Previous and current clients: We have experience in facilitating training and development  processes with many satisfied clients including SAB Miller, Discovery, MediClinic, Sanlam Investments, The Spar Group, Capitec, Spier Wine Farm, and others.
  • Ongoing improvement: We belong to international networks and associations in order to constantly improve our expertise and to collaborate with other practitioners these include: The Health Professions Counsel of South Africa (HPCSA), the South African Organisational Development Network (SAODN), the Applied Improvisation Network (AIN), the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA), the Global Speakers Federation (GSF).

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