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Background and Motivation

To remain on the cutting edge and in step with today’s quickly changing and globalised markets is not easy. It is often not our products or our knowledge that give us the edge, but our skills to build and manage a personal and authentic relationship with our customer.  In today’s economy ‘all lasting business is built on friendship’ (Alfred A. Montapert).

Playing Mantis can help your staff understand the powerful responsibility to create rapport and connection with their customers in any situation. This will both serve the customer and  the bigger company vision to ultimately grow profits for the organisation.

What if your staff knew how to

  • Step in with confidence to offer prompt assistance
  • Create rapport and connection with customers to build long term relationships.
  • Be proactive and anticipate customer’s needs.
  • Think on their feet to address complaints, handle objections and defuse conflict..
  • Serve the reputation of the company and the team in any situation.
  • Take initiative and responsibility in the moment.
  • Ensure consistency in service across departments and over time.
  • Serve colleagues with similar attention and care.

If your staff is trained to serve with confidence and deal with any customer request promptly and graciously:

  • Cost effectiveness increases since strong customer relationships can Increase the frequency of repeat business from clients and decrease the cost of attracting new customers.
  • Marketing costs come down because ssatisfied customers will want to hear more offers and are likely to refer other potential customers.
  • Brand loyalty increases  because if your clients like your staff, they will like your brand: your people is the face of your brand.
  • Interface time with consumers is reduced thanks to excellent listening skills and confident communication saving time and money.
  • Staff are motivated and engaged because people who feel empowered remain encouraged to overcome challenges increasing their positive influence on customers and profit.
  • A shared understanding and common language improves communication between staff and enhances their ability to serve customers with a unified vision and value system.

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Playing Mantis offers two customer service training modules. The first focus on specific communication skills for building and maintaining customer relationships and providing excellent service. The second integrates and applies the skills to specific obstacles unique to your company’s client base, products and general context.

Our experiential methods are fun and playful, but create deep connection between people and ensures that participants get an instant understanding of how to apply their learning in the workplace.

Module 1. Skills training: how to step in, listen and say ‘yes’.

Participants learn the three basic skills of

Stepping in with confidence to

  • Acknowledge the customer and greet him/her with openness and generosity
  • Engage with every unknown client with their unknown needs with poise and innitiative
  • Provide consistent service excellence irrespective of personality, mood or perceived status.

Listening with awareness so that

  • The customer’s needs are anticipated and understood with clarity and care
  • Body language is interpreted and hidden needs responded to
  • Conflict situations are turned into opportunities for connection and service

Learning to say ‘yes and’ in order that

  • Relationships are open, supportive and creative rather than closed, judgmental and critical.
  • The customer’s needs are integrated with your unique products and services
  • Objections are overcome and customers open up to other products and services

Module  2. Integration and application resulting in commitment statement

In this practical and playful forum service staff

  • Apply their newly acquired insight directly to their own unique contexts
  • Practice the new skills to ‘rehearse’ for their futures in providing service excellence.
  • Invent practical solutions for everyday problems
  • Work together to discover what structures and policies can support new ideas
  •  Plan for applying what they had learned in a way that increases service, sales and profits.

The outcome of this module is a personalised commitment statement that can focus and guide staff in future service situations to ensure excellence.

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Customization that ensures relevance and applicability

Before we run any of our workshops, we consult with the MD or HR manager of your company so we understand the specific need. We also send out an online survey (free of charge) to your service staff that will help us to understand their frustrations and needs. There is also the option of staff interviews or site visits, should you require it.

Follow-up visit to address implementation obstacles

Three months after the workshop we will run a 90 minute feedback session (included in the price) to see how participants have been able to apply their learning and what obstacles they still experience. Also read more below on our unique methodology relating to the stick ability of the learning and its immediate applicability.


Align your training with the following NQF unit standard:

7789: Provide Customer Service

You will get a professional assessment and certification for every participant at a cost of R250 per person. Please note: we are currently provisionally accredited.

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Group size: 6 – 16
Time: 3 – 4 hours per module
Investment: Between R 6000 and R 9000 per module depending on group size and level of customization required.
Contact us for a free consultation at or call Petro on 0828282259

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