Spontaneity Playshop

Discover the wisdom and freedom of improvisation

SpontaneityHave you ever felt stuck in your own head?  Struggling to get in touch with your spontaneity? Unable to access your creativity? Do you long to connect better with yourself or others? If yes, a course in improvisation is just for you. Learning the art of improvisation is like learning a new language. It opens up a whole new world of understanding and possibilities.

In this fun inter active playshop you will learn the following improvisation skills

  • Listening and awareness
  • Presence and adaptability
  • Spontaneity and play
  • Trust and support
  • Collaboration
  • Letting go

The class teaches skills required by improvisation actors; however the focus is not on performance but on everyday application. So actors as well as non-actors will benefit.

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The class gave me a lot of laughs, and helped me to relax and express myself. It’s wonderful to be in an environment where you can experiment and let go – I’m sure it’ll reduce my propensity to cancer in the long run! I also learned a lot about unlocking group creativity more effectively. The principles are timeless, and applicable to various fields. I would most certainly recommend the class! It is just so much fun, and you rediscover interesting bits and pieces of yourself. – Franz Software Engineer

I attended Burgert’s improvisation classes and found it opened my eyes to a world of spontaneity. The course made me feel free and grow in the process.  – Allan. CA

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Burgert Kirsten is an Improv actor and coach. He studied improvisation theatre at the IO Theatre in Chicago and performs with Lagnes Improv Comedy. He also studied the effect of improvisation theatre exercises on group innovation for his Industrial Psychology masters. He has conducted workshops using his unique improvisational methods for large companies such as Siemens and SAB Miller, and also for small groups of teenage recovering drug addicts and youth prisoners.

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