Team Development

Vision & Values Alignment

Create a vision all can own with values all can align with

If you are ready for sustainable change and would love a team that can understand and support a new vision, this workshop can help you and your team:

  • Formulate a vision everyone has part in
  • Discover the values that describe and motivate your team for this vision
  • Remove the elephants in the room that block their motivation
  • Formulate a commitment that can drive action

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Team Innovation

Whose idea is it anyway?

Research in various fields has shown the importance of collaboration and team work to generate innovative solutions. However, working in teams often leads to diminished creativity. One reason for this is the lack of an innovative team climate. Fortunately, this can be developed through practice and awareness. Read more

Large Group Team Building

Creative team building through improvisation

Want to:
Break down the barriers of unfamiliarity and guardedness through humour and laughter?
Learn skills to develop team work and collaborative creativity?
Create new relationships based on shared experience?
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