Our Methods

We use methods from the disciplines of Organisational Psychology, Coaching, Applied Improvisation and Story-Strategy. Although we use exercises originally developed for improvisational theater and actor training, the focus is not on performance but on developing skills for leadership, teamwork, innovation and dealing with uncertain and changing environments.

Our methods are supported by a growing body of scientific study in Neuroscience and Organisational Psychology showing how improvisation and story supports a distinct type of learning which promotes creative problem solving and innovation. The movement of Consciousness in Business is also well incorporated to include a wider awareness of one’s own actions that create a larger effect.

These methods are characterised by experiential strategies and participation which ensure whole brain learning that lasts and provide skills that participants are able to apply immediately.

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What is Applied Improvisation?

Improvisation is the practice of acting, talking, reacting and creating in the moment and in response to the stimulus of one’s immediate environment and inner feelings. This can result in the invention of new thought patterns, practices, structures and/or new ways to act. Applied Improvisation in the context of personal and organizational development is based on the realisation that people have to improvise and play roles constantly: organisations require people to adapt and take responsibility quickly, under high pressure and uncertainty in order to provide new and creative solutions, most of the time in collaboration with others.

The organisation can be seen as a metaphor for the stage on which a group of improvising actors need to perform in the moment without a script. Improvisation exercises help participants to develop skills for leadership, teamwork, innovation and dealing with uncertain and changing environments while the learning happens in accordance to the learning principles of the brain. Read more on why neuro-scientific research promotes Applied Improvisation.

What is Story-Strategy?

Story-Strategy is the use of the knowledge about different stages, archetypes and elements of stories to design processes of transformation which help individuals and groups to gain a new understanding of their place and purpose in their team, organisation or culture.

Story-Strategy is also our design principle for all our workshops –  the same logic that story tellers use to turn frogs into princes is used to increase the likelihood for sustainable shift to occur for the delegates. As in a good story:

  • The beginning will be captivating, drawing the delegates into world of improvisation from the get go.
  • The middle will keep them riveted, journeying through tests and trials, building their skill and understanding.
  • The end will allow them to reflect on the meaning of their experience and its implications for their work contexts.

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