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Doctoral Thesis: Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Dramatic Characterisation as a Means for Reflecting on Personal Values.  By Dr. Petro Janse van Vuuren

Masters Thesis: The influence of a team development intervention (improvisational theatre) on climate for work group innovation. By Burgert Kirsten

Kirsten, B., Du Preez, R. (2010) Improvisational theatre as team development intervention for climate for work group innovation. SA Journal of Industrial Psychology, 36.

Janse van Vuuren, P. (2009). Between Blue Beard And my Brothers – Report on the African Research Conference in Applied Drama and Theatre, 2008. South African Theatre Journal, Volume 23, 222-234.

Janse van Vuuren, P. (2007) The Hero’s Thesis, the Researcher’s Quest – Exploring the kinds of knowledge gained from process drama workshops. South African Theatre Journal, Volume 21, 221-240.

Other related publications

Understanding arts-based methods in managerial development. By Steven Taylor and Donna Ladkin

Experiential learning through interactive drama: An alternative to student role plays. By Boggs, James G., Amy E. Mickel and Brooks C. Holtom.

Overcoming managers’ perceptual shortcuts through improvisational theater games. By Corsun, David L., Cheri A. Young, Amy McManus and Mehmet Erdem.

Improving business performance – the potential of arts in training By Annabelle Beckwith

Using theater to teach clinical empathy: A pilot study. By Dow, Alan W., David Leong, Aaron Anderson and Richard Wenzel.

Arts-based training in management development: The use of improvisational theatre. By Gibb, Stephen.

Theater techniques produce star performance at Hewlett Packard… and prepare employees for the fast pace of change. By Leigh, Andrew and Michael Maynard.

Through the looking glass of organizational theatre: analogically mediated Inquiry in organizations. By Meisiek, Stefan and Daved Barry.

Drama as an opportunity for learning and development.By Monks, Kathy, Patricia Barker and Aoife Ni Mhanachain.

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