Lead for Innovation

For leaders and managers who need to lead effectively midst change and uncertainty.

Changes in business environments have resulted in a need for effective change leadership. Such leaders are aware of changes, can adapt quickly, know that they are not always in control and are open to diverse ideas. In the words of best selling author Clem Sunter, leaders need The Mind of a Fox or according to acclaimed writer Daniel Pink, they need a Whole New Mind.

These abilities are the same as those employed by improvisation actors who respond to ideas from their audience, fellow actors or the scenario quickly and creatively and in collaboration with one another. Yet, these skills are not based on talent; they are learnt and can be practiced and honed. Research has shown that the exercises used by improvisation actors can be used to enhance the innovative climate in a work team. Applied improvisation is an emerging field and business schools all over the world are starting to include it as part of their leadership and innovation courses.
Playing Mantis specializes in developing and facilitating leadership development workshops using improvisation exercises. We have work with satisfied customers such as The Gordon Institute of Business Science, Discovery, SAB Miller, Sanlam, Mediclinic and more.

Participants will develop and strengthen change leadership skills such as:

  • Being more aware of self, others and opportunities.
  • Being adaptable,
  • Giving or taking control when needed.
  • Openness to diverse ideas and building on them
  • Creating an atmosphere where innovation can thrive.
  • Authentic communication
  • Vulnerability and using failure
  • Creating a clear and shared team vision
  • Humour and play

About the exercises:
The exercises are experiential and blend right and left brain thinking. No participant are put on the spot or embarrassed in front of others. A bit of discomfort might be experienced at times, but it is in these uncomfortable times that one is stretched and learns the most.

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“It was a phenomenal day, and your session was absolutely amazing- it was exactly spot on in terms of drawing the links between what we do and improvisation. I’ve had such great feedback about what you did and how relevant it was.” – Alison Reid, Senior Programme Manager: Career Development Initiatives, Gordon Institute of Business Science

“Unusual yet effective process that will certainly take people out of their comfort zones but this is what creates the real learning. You can’t learn about behaviors, you have to experience it to understand it.”  – John Stenslunde SAB General Manager

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Burgert Kirsten is an Industrial Psychologist and experienced Improvisation coach and actor. He wrote his Master’s thesis on using Improvisation for creating a climate for team innovation. He has conducted Team Innovation workshops using his unique techniques for large companies including Siemens, SAB Miller and Gibs. He has also presented workshops at local and international conferences. such as the International Applied Improvisation Conference (2008, 2010), the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of SA conference (2009) the International Creativity Conference (2010), the Global Coaching Community Rainbow Convention (2011) and the International Coaching Federation Africa Conference (2011).

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Size: The ideal size is between 10 and 20 participants.
Investment: R 15 000 pp (subject to yearly price adaption)
Contact Burert on 0822559625 or burgert@playingmantis.net for more information.

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