Lead for Transformation

Reinvent your life, your company, your community for significance and impact.

Leaders and management teams in many sectors are working to thrive amidst economic uncertainty, crime, and increased decentralization of information off set against an increased centralization of political power, environmental change, cultural disintegration and globalization. What if you could understand, harness and wield the forces of change itself so that your efforts could be co-ordinates, designed and sustained as opposed to reactive, haphazard and short lived. Organizational and cultural change is often unsuccessful because leaders do not understand the structure of transformation itself – the necessary stages of change that ensures permanent shifts in culture and practice.

This metaphoric learning experience is designed to teach you:

  • The five stages of lasting transformation
  • The role of the leader in each of the stages
  • The power of the right brain and the body in transformational processes
  • The importance of conversation and story
  • The role of values and core belief systems
  • The dynamics of innovation and integration
  • Design principles for inventing programmes and interventions for change.

In 2010 during the Soccer world cup, the Playing Mantis model for transformation was used to design a 5 week holiday programme for kids and young people in and around Stellenbosch. During this project we trained 60 community leaders to facilitate programmes that kept 7 000 children off the streets. Two years later the same adults are still working in their communities, holiday programmes are still running in all of the communities and 4 of them have branched to include extracurricular activities during school terms.

The Keep Them Safe 2010 project involved schools, businesses, community organizations, NGO’s and government bodies. The principles we share apply in all these contexts.

Playing Mantis boasts expertise both in the field of the Performing Arts and of Organizational psychology. Our processes are tried and tested across the world in various change contexts and informed by the latest research in their practical applicability.

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The Playing Mantis Lead for Transformation Model can be introduced in a half day workshop, more fully discovered in a full day workshop or intimately experienced and applied over a 3 day metaphoric experience.

It is ideal for leadership teams ready to transform their businesses, companies, communities or organizations.

Price depends on the size of the group and the scope of the process.

Our programmes are always customized to the client’s needs.

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