Leadership Development

Lead for Transformation

Reinvent your life, your company, your community for significance and impact.

Leaders and management teams in many sectors are working to thrive amidst economic uncertainty, crime, and increased decentralisation of information off set against an increased centralisation of political power, environmental change, cultural disintegration and globalisation. What if you could understand, harness and wield the forces of change itself so that your efforts could be co-ordinated, designed and sustained as opposed to reactive, haphazard and short lived. Organisational and cultural change is often unsuccessful because leaders do not understand the structure of transformation itself – the necessary stages of change that ensures permanent shifts in culture and practise. Read more

Lead for Innovation

For leaders and managers who need to lead innovative team midst change and uncertainty.

Changes in business environments have resulted in a need for effective change leadership. Such leaders are aware of changes, can adapt quickly, know that they are not always in control and are open to diverse ideas. In the words of best selling author Clem Sunter, leaders need The Mind of a Fox or according to acclaimed writer Daniel Pink, they need a Whole New Mind. Read more

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