Improvisation Skills for Coaches

Using spontaneity and awareness to grow creative presence and flow in coaching conversations

Similarly to improvisational actors who collaborate spontaneously to create entertaining performances, a coach and a client co-create new possibilities. The competencies that are required of a coach are the same as the skills of an improviser: being present, listening, awareness, non-judgement, acceptance, noticing themes and openness to possibilities. Therefore, the exercises that improvisers use to practise these skills can be used to develop coaching skills.

In this interactive workshop you will:

  • Practice presence and awareness
  • Discover the power of vulnerability and creating a safe space
  • Experience creative flow by giving and taking control
  • Connect with others through trust and support
  • Practice asking creative questions and listening
  • Open up possibilities through acceptance and adaptability
  • Discover your spontaneous self through improvisational play

About the exercises:

The exercises are experiential and blend right and left brain thinking. They are very effective for practising coaching skills and can also be use in team and individual coaching sessions. After the workshop participants will receive descriptions of the exercises in order to use it in their own practices.
[ribbon toplink=”true”]Participants say:[/ribbon]
It asked you to flex muscles that are not usually flexed in everyday life – which is so appropriate for advanced masters coaching skills. – Participant from Wits Effective Coaching programme

This programme allowed me to improve my basic coaching skills which will improve my role as a coach. There were some valuable exercises that we did that I will be able to draw on in future coaching sessions. – Participant from Wits Effective Coaching programme

[ribbon toplink=”true”]Presenter[/ribbon]
Burgert Kirsten is a registered Industrial Psychologist and experienced Improvisation coach and actor. He wrote his Master’s thesis on using Improvisation for creating a climate for team innovation. He has conducted coaching skills workshops using his unique techniques for Business schools including GIBS and WITS. He has also presented workshops at local and international conferences.

[ribbon toplink=”true”]Details[/ribbon]This is a public workshop but can be customised for your organisation’s unique situation as an in-house workshop.
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