What is Applied Improvisation?

What is Applied Improvisation?

Improvisation (without the ‘Applied’ part) is a kind of theatre or music where performers make up the scenes or songs on the spot in front of the audience in real time.

Applied Improvisation is the practise of applying and developing the same skills that actors or musicians use, but in contexts that are not linked to the stage. These are contexts like the workplace or in your personal life where the skills are equally important for success. (For the historic development and examples of Applied Improvisation see Wikipedia-article).

That means, instead of learning to act on stage like the guys from ‘Whose line is it anyway’, , you learn to act with greater confidence, collaboration and innovativeness in your work or personal life.

Improve your improv skills e.g.:

Self confidence and spontaneity

  • Building rapport and communication skills
  • Knowing when to lead and when to follow
  • Finding your creativity and allowing the creativity of others to flow
  • Accepting mistakes and using failure
  • Laughing and playing more
  • Thinking on your feet