Improv Your Foxy Skills in Gauteng – 10 Oct

Improvisation skills to help you deal with the demands of change and uncertainty

In the uncertain ever-changing world of today you need the ability to adjust quickly, think on your feet and come up with creative solutions. Often you are required to do this in a group without the luxury of time or individual authority to move forward.

This workshop will help you:

  • Cope better in uncertain times.
  • Work better in a team with diverse ideas.
  • Create an atmosphere in which innovation can thrive.
  • Be more aware of changes in your environment.
  • Be more adaptable.

These skills are the same as those employed by improvisation actors who respond to ideas from their audience, fellow actors or the scenario quickly and creatively and in collaboration with one another.  Yet, these skills are not based on talent; they are learnt and can be practiced and honed.

In the words of bestselling author Clem Sunter, you need The Mind of a Fox or according to acclaimed writer Daniel Pink, you need a Whole New Mind. You must develop right brain capacities not just to cope with, but to excel in the world of today.

Playing Mantis specializes in the teaching of these skills and can equip you for an unpredictable world.

We will teach you how to play using your right brain, reflect on the experience and apply it to your real life situation.

Who should attend:

Individuals who want to learn skills to thrive in spite of change and uncertainty.

Leaders who want to inspire their team members to be more innovative as a group.

Can you afford it?


With an economic recession causing avalanches of worry to surge over you, can you afford not to align with your passion and cultivate foxy skills? Consider the time and money you spend on keeping your body physically flexed and ready for action – gym fees, hairdressers, clothing bills, healthy food. Can you afford to spend some time and money on getting your heart, mind and spirit flexed and ready for action?

Free follow up consultation

To ensure that you get your money’s worth; we offer you the option of receiving a free 1 hour consultation after the workshop. This is to make sure you get the help you need to apply the new knowledge in your unique context. The ability to apply the skills we teach is part of our promise and we will do what is necessary to assist you in this step

What people say:

The methods that you use have the extraordinary ability of getting people thinking on their feet, out of “the box” and more creatively than they imagined possible while pushing them to become more adaptable. If improving your team’s creativity, adaptability and unity is what you are after, Playing Mantis is who you are looking for. – Mark Baker, Industrial Psychologist, Excelebrate

I feel that I have tangible skills to use in order to cope with the changes in my life. – Nadia Jappie, Marketing Manager, Symphonia

Workshop details

This is a 6 hour workshop that includes 5 hours contact time
with a 15 min tea break and 45 min lunch break.


Follow your own flute: Sat 3 Oct
Improv your foxy skills: Sat 10 Oct

Time: 8h30 – 16h00

Venue: Melville Junction Church, cnr of Seventh Avenue and
Fifth Street

Cost: For our first time in Jozi you get these exclusive workshops at the highly reduced price of R650 for 1 / R1100 for both.

We like to keep our workshops small and exclusive, so BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment.

For bookings e-mail us at or call Burgert on 0822559625

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