The Confident Speaker’s ABC

Capture your audience’s attention with authentic confidence and simple strategies

In this age of information overload, audiences are increasingly difficult to captivate and their attention is an expensive commodity. This adds tension to the already nerve racking situation of speaking in front of other people.

If speaking is part of your profession, as it is for the Genre team, the pressure compounds because now both your company and your salary depends on how well and how confidently you do it.  Every client interaction and therefore every sale depends on how confident you appear and how clearly you communicate.

Through mastering simple techniques, you can look and sound confident even when you are nervous, speaking in a second language or speaking in front of your peers. Once you have secured your audience’s attention, some easy strategies can help you to keep it.

As extra perk you get to do it without being fake or inauthentic. In fact, you will find a new connection with your own magic that will invigorate and motivate you. This will in turn have a positive effect on your client relationships and your success.

This workshop will give you:

  • A quick 6 point check list from A to F to look, feel and sound confident in any situation.
  • Vocal techniques for controlling your body and your voice
  • An approach and attitude that is inviting and instills trust.
  • A boost in self confidence and self esteem that will impact your income.
  • Four simple strategies from G to J to keep your audience engaged.

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Dr. Petro Janse van Vuuren has been training and coaching voice work and participative teaching methods for the last 18 years, both as a trainer of actors and as presentation skills teacher. She has worked with a wide range of clients including financial executives, environmentalists, evangelical ministers, microbiology lecturers, radio talk show hosts and rap artists.

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As workshop co-ordinator, I have found Petro’s presentations here to be relevant, enjoyable and valuable – a day well spent. According to our participants,  Petro is an honest, energetic and a very competent presenter. She captivates attention throughout and creates an atmosphere of openness. Faika Haroun,  Lecturer and coordinator at the Language Centre STELLENBOSCH University

Petro’s course has a way of demonstrating the goal immediately, and although good speaking only comes with practise, the first important switch, realising how we could and should be speaking, can successfully happen in the first morning.- Gertrud Tönsing, Lecturer, Lutheran Theological Institute, Pietermaritzburg

[ribbon toplink=”true”]Details[/ribbon]This is a public workshop but can be customised for your organisation’s unique situation as an in-house workshop.
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