Improv Class 5 – 9 Feb 2010

Story was the focus of last night’s class. We warmed up by playing a name game called George. After that we played a Word association game. This game illustrated how our minds automatically make link s between random words. Then we played Automatic Story. In this game one player has to ask yes/no questions about the storyline of an unknown story that the other player has in mind. What the questioning player doesn’t know is that the person answering the questions is only saying yes to questions starting with a vowel and no to questions starting with a consonant. The person asking the questions is therefore making up the story without knowing it. This game illustrates how easy it is to make up our own stories. Cornelia commented how in life we also often think that someone else is in control of our stories, while we are actually the authors of our own life stories. The next game that we played was what happens next? This game took Monica on an adventure directed by the other players. She ended up making jam with massive peaches in a giant’s castle thanks to Mikes call back of the peaches mentioned at the start of the story. We then played yes and story and word at a time story. These games showed how important it is to listen to your fellow players and just ad to what other players contribute to the story. If you are willing to let go of your own idea of where the story should go you discover the story together. Luci introduced an interesting tilt in the story of Anny the ballerina when she said “encore”, breaking the tragic routine that was established by the platform of her broken toe.

Key concepts:

Reincorporation: Recycling or re-using ideas or situations from earlier in the story.

Platform: The who, what and where of a scene. Success of a scene often depends on a solid and clear platform.

Tilt: Interesting twist to advance a scene, or to cause status change.

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