Improvisation class 1 – 2 Feb 2010

Last night was the first class in a series of 8 Improv theatre classes. The objective of the class was to get everyone in a playful mood and to let everyone connect and get to know each other. In order to do this we played some name games such as Name circle, Super Heroes and Bang Bang. To get more playful we played Bodyguard, Yes lets and Giants, Wizards and Goblins. We ended the class with a word association game (To do dodo).

Key concepts that came out of the class:

  • To play you have to be present, focus on your fellow players and interact with your whole body not just your thoughts and words.
  • Make your partner look good.
  • We struggle to play because we are afraid of judgment so we try to hard
  • It is okay to make a mistake. It’s often our fear of failure that causes us to fail.
  • Everything is an offer even a mistake.
  • Let go and focus on the process not the outcome.

What struck me about the class was how everyone really engaged and took part even though it was a first class. I would like to thank you all for that.

Please feel free to add your comments.

  • What did you enjoy the most about the class?
  • What was difficult for you?
  • What new insight did you get?
  • Anything else you’d like to share?

6 Replies to “Improvisation class 1 – 2 Feb 2010”

  1. Hello everyone, wow the class was a blast! I really enjoy’d the save space being created to learn this new skill called improv. The “acting” part of improvisation does not come naturally to me, but Because I just let go- it felt much more natural than I realized.

    Make your partner look good. This is something that should be practiced more by all of us in a day to day basis. Most of the time we struggle to make ourselves look good- its not worth it! Other people probably doesn’t even care…If you make other people look good, you can really build deeper more meaningful relationships.

    Thanks Burgert,- looking forward to next week.

  2. I work with both Gwen and Ted.As I lay in my bed with goblins, giants and wizards parading through my thoughts, I realized that “Gwen, Gwen, Gwen” and “yeaoowwha Ted” were two beautifully crafted developed characters that I had not met until last night.That was cool. Burgert’s natural, organic rhythum and confidence guided me effortlessly from work to play. My own thoughts chased me back into my head again from time to time..but practise makes perfect.
    I like him. ; )
    See you all next week!

  3. Tuesday night’s improv was a lot of fun! It just shows you that there’s a different way of connecting with people and building relationships. It’s all in the small, subtle things and it doesn’t always come natural to us, we have to learn how to do it.

    It took me some time to get over myself and focus on the game, trying to make others look good and not worry about if I look good or not!

    What also stood out to me is how silly the things we fear sometimes are. We climbed a mountain this weekend and my fear of heights made it tough for me going up the rough parts. But on the down climb I realized it was exaggerated in my head. Sometimes we just have to see our fears realistically. It becomes easier the more you do what you fear. Easier said than done!

    Thanks Burgert!

  4. I think it was a super successful first class! I can already feel how the opportunity to express myself in play is going to benefit other areas of my life. The solid concepts on which improv is built, makes it such a positive and constructive experience.

    Burgert was very good at creating a relaxed, safe and comfortable space in which we could be silly and playful. His vast experience and passion for improv really shines through. You’ll definitely see me next week!

  5. Hi Everyone
    Thank you so much for all the positive feedback. Your comments are beautiful.
    Yes, Improv helps us to build relationships and get over our fears. It takes a little practice, but isn’t it great that Improv creates this safe space in which to practice it… and its so much fun! Let go, git out of your head and focus on the people around you. Really looking forward to the next class.

  6. “Yo-Yo wap-pe-do-dap”

    Yeah die games was GREAT FUN, thanX AlmAl en thanX BUURRRRGGGERT:)ek wens ons kon op n MASSIVE skaal doen,,En die hele wereld laat saam speel!!. hehe IMAGEN”the WORLD CUP of IMPROV GAMES!!!”Ja..

    Laas week se klas het n DEFENITIEWE IMPACT op my gehad..wil net NOG speel 🙂 🙂 🙂

    nway.. hierdie is my 1st Blog in skrywing oit! Super Duper STOKED MAN!~!!

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