Organisations as Thriving Living Systems

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Ahoy, business, not-for-profit, and organisational explorers, rebels and pirates! 

Welcome to the next Thrivable World Quest event!  On Wednesday, June 18 we explore the “Island” of Mastery.

We’ll be on a treasure hunt to discover:

  • What does mastery look like for you?
  • What enables people to do their work with mastery?
  • What does mastery look and feel like, and how does it evolve, in an organisation when that organisation is explicitly in service of life?

Berlin, Johannesburg, Manila, Milan, Montreal, and Tehran will lead the Quest.  Then, a few days later, Amsterdam and Cape Town will collaborate to verify our map and explore areas we missed.  Come play, explore, share and learn with us on our fourth Thrivable World Quest event.

Come play, explore, share and learn with us on our fourth Thrivable World Quest event.

What will you get from participating?

  • You’ll learn what thrivability is, what it takes, and how it can help your organisation to save the world.
  • You’ll gather and share stories about courageous pioneers who have made this shift in their organisations.
  • You’ll contribute to a world movement, a manifesto and a book.
  • You’ll experience practices, perspectives and ways of interacting that embody what we are exploring.
  • You’ll discover what all this means for you, your organisation/clients, and your world.
  • You’ll join a local and global tribe of smart, caring people interested in exploring these ideas.

The stories and insights we discover during the Quest are shared across the cities and around the world. Check out the treasure from our first three events blog. Then join us on June 18 to be part of this global initiative to transform organisations.

What is thrivability?
Thrivability is a growing global movement and an active leadership and organizational practice. The organizers of the Thrivable World Quest define ‘thrivability’ as the intention and practice of aligning organisations with what we know about how living systems thrive and people thrive.

For more about the Thrivable World Quest go to

Session details:


Date:    Wednesday,  18 June
Time: 15:00 – 18:00
Venue: Worldsview Academy, Worldsview House, 150 Kelvin Drive, Woodmead, JHB

Cost:  R250.00

 For more information contact Petro on 0828282259 or, .

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