Group counting

Possible outcomes:

• Practice listening and awareness skills.
• Practice holding the silence.
• Trusting your intuition.


Participants stand in a circle and count to 20 without having a set sequence of whose turn it is next. Whenever 2 or more players say a number at the same time, they start from one again.

Time: 5 – 10 min
Number of players: 4 – 20

Game flow:

Everyone stands in a circle. Tell the participants that they have to count from one to twenty in order. Have them close their eyes or focus on the centre of the circle. Each person can say the next number whenever they wish. Whenever two players start to say a number at the same time they have to start from one again.


• If they struggle tell them that they should only speak when they feel it is their turn and that they should remain silent if they want to speak out of anxiety. Tell them to speak only when they feel it is their turn.

Debrief questions:

• What did it feel like playing the game?
• What helped you to get better at the game?
• How did you decide when it is your turn?
• When did you decide to stay silent?
• How is this like group processes at work?

I learned this game at the IO Theatre’s summer intensive course.

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