Let’s solve South Africa’s problems in 3 hours flat!

Final Pig Catching session of 2016

You are invited.

Will we solve the problem of free, decolonised education for all SA’s students?

When pigs fly!

Will we manage to bring our corrupt leadership to justice?

When pigs fly!

Or put apartheid in its place once and for all?

Or reduce violence against women and children?

Or improve service delivery?

Or fix the economy?

Or at least get rich ourselves?

When pigs fly!!

Let’s make them fly!

We will use applied improvisation and Strategic narrative embodiment to explore our deepest desires and our wildest dreams building the SA that we want to live in.

Nothing is impossible when we make believe and when we do, unexpected insights and action steps show themselves. If this does not happen in the session, at least you will have had a lot of fun.

So, come play with me and the other pig catchers when we pull out our magic wands and say abracadabra!


Date:     9 Dec 2016

Time:    9 to 12 am

NOTE: We will start at 9:00 sharp to make the most of our time.

Facilitator: Petro Janse van Vuuren

Cost: R250

Venue: TBC – I am trying for the flying saucer on the 21st floor of the University Corner building in Braamfontein (it used to be a revolving restaurant)

Dress: Comfortable clothes you can stretch and move in

Coffee, tea, muffins and fruit on arrival.

RSVP: by  Wed 7 Dec

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Bring your curiosity, your open minds and your questions.

About Pig Catching:

Pig catching is what coaches and facilitators do when we chase the moment of insight that brings shift and transformation in our clients.

Please note: No pigs get harmed, our pigs are purely metaphorical and they have wings.


Coaches, facilitators, game changers, thought leaders like you who can accept the following

1        This is not a showcase or sales event geared to impress or win you over. If you come, you already believe that metaphor, embodiment, improvisation and imagination are powerful, fun ways to bring about transformation and you want to know more about using them in coaching and facilitation.

2        Experimentation and mistakes are part of the process.  You must be willing to play with ideas that may not work or may be a bit uncomfortable, but that could lead to new heights of freedom and insight.


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